About :: Website

For the few of you who may be interested in the technobabble background of the site itself, here are a few brief notes and credits that may be helpful.

Navigation Menu

The navigation menu on top is courtesy of Dynamic Drive. This particular one is the Smooth Navigational Menu.

CSS Template

Basic coding for the CSS is from freelayouts. What I like best is that it's not a fixed-width style, so you actually get to use the space in your browser. This particular web is based on the Ocean Template by Reality Software.

Background Images

Do you like old, leather-bound books? Ever notice that really wicked pretty pattern on the inside front and back cover? I've always wanted to use that in a website, and happily found it on Absolute Background Textures Archive. This particular one can be found here, and the background for the right side column is here.


Well, Google, as it says! This is the Custom Search Engine, it's free, and you can configure it to just search only your site.


Google has provided a wonderful Translate Widget that you can add to your site to do the translation.

Contact Form

The folks at PHP Form provide a full tutorial, though I skipped to the end and used this set of final files, with a little tweaking.

The rest of this Nali War Cow is pretty much mine. And yes, you get five points if you get the reference.